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About Us

Locally Owned Full Service Real Estate Brokerage

Key Advantages in Core

We will analyze the property’s market, pricing, listing, marketing, negotiations and sale processes. We use high tech software and tools to provide our overall expertise.  Since we are small firm we are nimble and can easily collaborate together to leverage the expertise of each broker for our client’s best interests.  

Knowledge and Education


Core hosts classes on home buying essentials, home buyer’s budgeting, investor education and  Homes for the mature population . All classes are offered at no charge. For more information contact (503) 729-8797 or pdxproperty@frontier.com.



The Right Deal, Always

Dave takes the time to understand the elements of each opportunity to get his client the best deal. What makes sense is both price and property as it fits the client's needs. In depth research  to provide the best comps, conditions and demographics for your decision.


Experience is Everything

Dave has over 40 years of experience in owning real estate. His ownership has included single family and small apartment buildings, both in and out of country.  His background and skills developed in commercial and industrial sales makes for a seamless transition to being a real estate broker.


Dave Loves Buyers & Sellers

Buyers or sellers,  Dave's takes time to understand your goals, needs and desires for each property being considered. He is here ready to work for you. Accredited Senior Real Estate Specialist, SRES(R),  by The Center for Realtor Development .


Buyers Action


Be prepared to put your best offer forward 


  1. Know your neighborhood and know your needs.  Have selection criteria based on your family's needs, your job, transportation requirements, schools, e.t.c. Be realistic with what you can afford.
  2. Interview and hire the right real estate broker for you.
  3. Meet with a lender to get a pre-approval letter. This is critical to getting you in the best position to buy a property.
  4. Communicate with your broker to find the property right for you.  Work with your broker to come up with strategy on pricing, inspections and a closing date.
  5. Work with your broker on making the best offer to get the seller's acceptance. 

Sellers Action


Prepare your property for getting the highest price 

  1. Interview and hire the right real estate broker for you
  2. Have goals in mind of your expectations on the sale of your property and strategies to acquire a new home if needed. Talk to your broker and create a game plan.
  3.  Look at making changes needed to get the best curb appeal.
  4. Declutter your living area.
  5. Depersonalize your space.
  6. Repaint walls to a neutral color.
  7. Touch up scuff marks.
  8. Fix loose handles.
  9. Add some plants.
  10. Conduct a smell test. Eliminate sources of foul smells.
  11. Clean, clean and clean!
  12. Hide valuables.

Seniors In Action


 Passing my 6th decade, the home I purchased 20 years needs to change for my future needs.  I am looking at:

1. Decluttering - is my stuff still relevant?

2. What is the value of my home?

3. If I keep my home, what are the costs to renovate - money, time and relationships.

4. What are the living options out there?

5. What are the costs to move - money, time and relationships?

5. List out the cost vs. benefits to decide the best choice for,

Do I Stay or Do I Go?


Stay in home

Options to move


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Thoughts and comments about real estate and daily living

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