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Posted on 04/19/2020
Painted Brick: What It Could Mean for Curb Appeal
Photo by Karsten Bergmann via Pixabay Take a tour through the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium or Holland, and you’ll see beautiful historic homes with painted brick exteriors. Wander down streets of hundreds-of-years-old houses, and the most memorable ones are those with painted brick exteriors. But if your brick is in perfect condition, why would you paint it? Odd-Colored...
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Posted on 02/25/2020
Improve a Home’s Lighting Without an Electrician
Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels Here is an article on simple and inexpensive ways to improve your home's lighting. Lighting can set the right mood in a home and make it feel more welcoming, and achieving that doesn’t always require an electrician. Curbed.com asked three designers to provide their best tips for improving the lighting in a...
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Posted on 12/08/2019
4 Things You Can Do This Fall to Prep for Winter
Spring may be the time for an annual cleaning marathon, but tackling some specific maintenance and cleaning chores in the fall ensures your home is in ideal condition before cooler weather arrives. This time of year is the best time to put your summer things away and pull out your cooler weather pieces, from flannel sheets and down...
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Posted on 10/11/2019
Homeowners’ Top DIY Mistakes!
Image by Laura Shaw from Pixabay I like many have great intentions to be a do-it-yourself in working on home improvement/repair/renovation projects. However I find most of the time my estimates to complete the project in terms of time, money and frustration is often way off the mark. Here is information on the results of a survey of...
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Posted on 10/10/2019
Don't Be Surprised About Remodeling Costs!
Image by bidvine from Pixabay How much does that renovation really cost? Very informative survey on our preception of remodeling costs vs. actual costs. Also, don't forget that most remodels can take significantly longer to complete especially when multiple contractors and suppliers are involved. Homeowners, it turns out, don’t have a realistic grip on the costs of home...
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Posted on 10/09/2019
3 Minor Upgrades That Boost Value Instantly!
Image by tdfugere from Pixabay Here is an article about 3 simple updates you can do to enhance your home's value and appeal. Homeowners can do plenty to spruce up their home and make it more enticing for buyers. But when they're narrowing their list, what are a few quick fixes that can have a big impact? Besides...
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Posted on 09/17/2019
3 Designs That Do the Master Bedroom No Justice!
Image by Duane Mangalindan from Pixabay A big consideration for a prospective buyer of a house is the master bedroom. Here is a great article on what to avoid in a master bedroom design and features. A master bedroom is meant to be a peaceful place to relax and recharge. That’s why designers say a lot of attention...
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Posted on 09/09/2019
Take Caution Before Drilling Holes in the Walls!
Image by isuru prabath from Pixabay. I love to be the hero around my house in taking on a DIY "home improvement project". However I usually underestimate the time it takes to complete and the complexity of the project. You Tube can be a great resource in gaining project knowlege and confidence. However they may gloss over potential...
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Posted on 09/06/2019
Fall Landscaping Trends: Jewel Tones, Cozy Vibes
Source: Dave Hiller Here is a report from National Association of Landscape Professionals regarding the trends in landscaping for this fall. I hope you will find the information useful in any landscaping project you are doing this fall. A newer color palette with jewel tones is taking hold in landscaping, and it’s among the hotter trends for this...
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